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,,,  whats wrong with me ,, ?? Lately i just cant withstand to others ,,, . Sumbu guwe rasa pendek ,,, dh d sabar2in tetep ajah emosi ,,, . There are same things for long term ,,, and i think i cant hold on any more ,,, . Thats from my side ,,

But ,,, i make a pointing to my self ,,, :: whats wrong with me ?? Why others do something bad from my side of course without feelin guilty ??? Why others just do bad things to me ?? What i did till they were “so hassle” ??? Am i doing some thing wrong to them ??? In what way ?? In what thing ??? What i hv suppose to fixed then ??? ,,, i dont understand ,,,

Hmmmhh ,,, can i fly now ??? ,,, 🙂


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