Zenen, 18.01.16

what a day ,,, quite tired by tudeyzh related to routine jobzh ,,, . Fixed few thingzh ,,, hopefuly ,,, will get better forward ,,, . Hey ,,, and someone still saying ,,, its “carmuk” going to yearly appraisal ,,, kikikikikikikkk ,, like alwayzh yezh ,,, selalu ada ajah yang seperti ini ,,, . Lucky me, am  not disturbing with kind these things ,,, xixiixixixi . I really reduce un-necessary thingzh in my life ,,, . I just want to make my life simply aja siih ,,, hehehheheh ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,

Next,,, i want to pay off my loan by this year ,,, . And !!!! after that ??? i want to set up water heater in my bath room  ,,, wkkwkwkwkkwkkw ,,, . halal lah yezh ,,, biar gw rajin mandi gituh ceritanya ,,, wkwkkwkwkwkkw ,,, #koplak ,,,,



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