Headache ,,,

Actually ,,, after many yearzh having migraine ,,, and now get much better ,,, i hv my own phobia if i hv to had one again ,,, xixixiixix 

I avoid anything everything who has triger to my migraine ,,, xiixixiix . Including traffic jam ,,,, i will get so emotional and headache facing stuck traffic jam condition ,,, . If i used my car to the office ,,, its so scarry traffic jam when i got home at tomang’s area ,,, but if avoid traffic jam ?? Its cost reach to 50rb a day ,,, including toll fee ,,, . So ,,, nek motor dah paling bener dah ,,, wkwkwkwkwkwkw ,,, 

Its so unpleasure condition while my migraine comes ,,, hikzh ,,, its not dizzy ,, its so painful ,,, pheewww ,,, . I will not go back to that condition ,,, never ,,,

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