Chit chat by ,, 

Me :: i just wondering ,, why peoples from my pass ,, just show up by lately dayzh ,,, am i going to die ?? Xixiixix
Friends :: or maybe they will be one ,,,
Me :: #in my brain ,, how come yezh ?? Its one to many ,,,, xixixiix

Friendzh :: if i die ,,, do you stil remembering me ???
Me :: ummmhh ,,,
Friendzh :: ah, its impossible ,,, for live one you just forget easyl ,,, how about the death one ,,, ???
Me :: #horse smiling ,,, and i said “true”  in my head ,,,,  xixixixixixi

Me :: i cant cook ,,,
Friendzh :: but your cuisine is good ,,, really ,,,
Me :: #happy inside ,,

Friendzh :: i know you so much ,,, but i dont know your heart ,,,
Me :: #and no one knows dear ,,,

Friendzh :: if you found your love in the difference faith ,,, will you cross over then ??
Me :: some of close friendzh already asked this ,,, and i surprised you asked me such as this thing ,,, seems you dont know me well ,,, . But i will answer one ,,, i will not betray my Lord unless Lord take out my faith ,,,

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