a little thought ,,,


my friends :: hafii ,, jangan sering minum kupi ,, effectnya ,,, a to z ,,, (kurLeb kek gitu lah yezh) ,,,

and i just thought ,,, this life is so short ,,, it should be enjoyed and fill up with useful things ,, and its from my side for sure ,,, ahahhahahhaha ,, . and i like coffee ,,, sometimes i thought also ,, coffee killing me softly ,,, but i like coffee ,,, . why i hv to avoid something that i like to aim not to get another bad thing ,,,, otherwise ,,, i do good thing but somehow “it” comes to me ,, make my quality life decrease ,,, and make me think when it could be end ,,,

You see ,,, ??? once again ,, this life is about God destiny ,,, just ,, grateful with all of comes to our life ,,, 🙂 ,, . Tuhan tidak mungkin mmberikan keburukan wat qt ,,, 🙂 ,,, ..

enjoy your life ,,, your times ,,, dearzh ,,, 🙂


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