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no place for sorrow,,

  ,, there is no place for sorrow in the happiness for those we love ,, positive !! ~hafikuw~ ,,

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Oh yes ,, oh no ???!!

     Nah loh ,,, my weight getting loose ??? Its 44 kg !!! Oh yeesss !!!! Oh nooo ??? Maybe the scale was broken ??? Heee ?? Masa iya seeehh malah ga ke kontrol gini ??? Perasaan makan gw seperti biasa dah … . And soon we will faced to ramadhan, it can be sure, […]

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Lady gaga concert ,,,

* mu numpang bawel aaahhh 😛 * If on schedule and got permission, next week gonna held lady gaga concert at jakarta. But there is still controversy bout this concert. And the funny thing is it become national issue …. heelloowww ????!!¡¡¡ Hihihihii … dasar bagsa yg aneh … kek ga ada issue bangsa ini […]

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