Lady gaga concert ,,,

* mu numpang bawel aaahhh 😛 *

If on schedule and got permission, next week gonna held lady gaga concert at jakarta. But there is still controversy bout this concert. And the funny thing is it become national issue …. heelloowww ????!!¡¡¡ Hihihihii … dasar bagsa yg aneh … kek ga ada issue bangsa ini yg mesti d selesaikan selain issue ledih gagag ?????!!!! *tepok pantat cogan*

The religious side ( buddhis, islam and christian as i read ) … disallow also this concert, because many reason such as its not become our culture, it could be undermine our morality, and the lyrics offend the God. Even some of  cohort, threat to do some thing if this concert still held on jakarta. The artist side defend to make it, because indonsia is a free country. And still there is more conflict about the promoter was late registering the permission of this concert but the otherside, they already sold the ticket.

Its quite funny …. how come ya … appearance of lady gaga once in jakarta can degrade morality of this nation ??? If its true … how great she is !!! . I mean, our morality cant be measured on once concert of lady gaga. But, because our country become from many differences … sure, anyone can expression anything as long not disturb of public interest and also there is or many side refuse this concert … so we must respect and tolerate on it.

But more higher, if this concert make high risk of safety from many side … inorder that if polri can not handing the extreem side … i think, Polri as its responsibility must be desive to hold or decline this concert. As simple as that … isn’t it ???? … .

Next, mari qt jarah kekayaan para koruptor lewat hukum yg adil untk kemakmuran bangsa ini … .

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