my got …

maybe i should try to trust my got … hahhahhahaha . Because many times its become true … xixiixixix . I just dont want to believe that becaauuseeee …

first – its not make my sense of course … . But if we want to think more … about view few steps ahead its all about combination of many points that create some image/view …, dont you think like that ???? .

Second – i dont want to su’uzon to peoples … . But, once again, if you want to think more … they will do one … just so less people will do with heart … one from many . If you want to hus nuzhon … just make one to God … trust me for this one … xiixixixix .

Third – Its … i … i think its not right to trust any got … because … hanya nabi Muhammad yang bisa melihat ke depan … . Lainnya ??? hanyalah berita dari jin yang mencuri kabar dari langit … dan di bocorkan kepada manusia … bisa jadi benar bisa jadi salah …  but its not the point … the point is we are not allowed to trust any kind of jin … dont we ????  . But, if we are not allowed to trust any kind of jin … so why we have a got ??? hahhahhahahahha …

sooooo … what will i do now ??? believe one ??? or not believe ???? xixiixxixi 😛

— – – – – — ——— – – – —— — —

and i just wondering … in one vision about sakratul maut … why i have to seen that ??? is it remind me to through that with my awareness ??? in what kind of way ???? hmmmhh … ???

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