Produk sakit ati

Maybe … My first experience related to sakit hati product begun with my 2nd appraisal in this company. Well, my first appraisal is not counting because am not full a physical year working here.

So … In my second appraisal, I got B (34) *Kok kek no bra ??!!* . I still remember for exactly when setoyama san said ” mohon maaf saya tidak bisa memberikan nilai A, karena tidak boleh oleh management ” . Whheeww … !!! . I know the condition related to common issue about something “peraataan distribusi nilai” .

Xixixixi so funny isnt it ?? Where you already working that good … You are not got good point it just because NOT ALLOWED … . Jadi ini masalah bole ga bole oleh management bukan krna lo bagus apa ga kerjanya … . What a konyol thing … . Next year, I got A for my appraisal, and i said to setoyama san :: sudah bole mister dapet A oleh management ??

Sooo … Its not meaning am stop to good working … But its make different view to this job … You know laahh … Xixixixxi . And its happen to many employee here … Juga beberapa keanehan lainnya . Karena butuh aja pada masih d sini, secara belonan ( apa engga an !!?? ) dapet d luar sanah yg lebih baik … Xixixixi naseeebbbbbb …

Well it just am not that lucky person anyway … xixiixixx … . Whatever it is .. Still focus ya cyinnnttt …

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