Money money money ,,,

,,, maybe its sound naive and stupid ,,, but in limitted scope ,,, i dont think money its a big thing ,,, because i know exactly ,, money cant bought a happiness …

,,, yes maybe its because my needs was fullfil till now, alhamdulillah ,,, from my parents till from my own ,,, . am a girl without much desires ,,, . Am not fashionable ,,, am not freak on gadgets and automotive or cameras ,,, am not ate that much also ,,, . * so where the moneys goes ???? Ohh ,,,berartiiii mang income yg kurang ,, kekekekekekkk* . Vacation ??? Umghhh ya ,,, its become my needs lately ,,, 😛 .

Money ,, materi ,,, come and goes ,,, . lagi banyak ya d nikmatin lagi dikit juga di nikmatin ,,, smua itu menyenangkan ,,, just get the halal one ,,, and use as you needs ,,, . And finally ,, everything you reach, of course on your scope, will nothing till you can share the achievements and the happiness to others ,,, positive ,,, !!!

And vacation where spent quite much money ??? ,,, . Well, i think its worthit enough ,,, . Hellooww ,,, bumi begitu indah ,,, dan kerusakan sedang berlangsung di mana2 ,,, keindahan alam itu akan segera berakhir anyway ,,, selama badan sehat selama masih bisa bergerak ,,, selama masih bisa menikmati alam ,,, ya nikmatilah ,,, !!! . Because there is a time maybe ,,, you are not well on ur age ,,, and all you can do is just laying down on your bed ,,, . So ,,, ???? ,,, 🙂

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