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lately national headline news contain KPK vs polri … also correction of capital punishment for drugs convicted by president. 

KPK as independent institution have big step in this republic that make corruptor went to prodeo’s hutelzh. in other side … because (maybe) polri dont want to be toel2 as big institution … so somehow … they caught one of kps’ investigator for a case that already passed 8 years ago … . heeee ??? so childish yak … . Eventhough that the investigator maybe was guilty … but its become big question for this republic … how come a case that already passed for 8 years ago … suddenly suddenthat … start to investigate … ???? and finally this issue makes many opinion from peoples … xixiixixixi 😛 . Moreover, president also make some step (3 cases if i try to remember) to correction capital punishment for drugs convicted. Heeee ??? Even there is an ex corruptor become kabag at goverment institution. Hehehehehhe … . i love indonesia … .

corruptor and drugs dealer … what punishment that properly to them ??? what do you think ??? ummghh … i dont have a good idea … . Some people said … terrorist who have killed many peoples should get capital punishment … why drugs dealer whic is also killed people every day ( as BNN data’s ) … didnt get capital punishment ???

Capital punishment (hukuman mati) … ?????  Somehow … i dont agree with this punishment. I mean … everyone have right to live … no one can take human life except God, his/her mom, and ahliwaris which have their family directly killed by someone (qishos in islam).

Penjara seumur hidup without remittion ??? (bhs inggrisnya apa yak ??? whole life in prison ??? 😀 ) … i dont agre also with this … . this punishment too be good for them … , dont you think like that ??? .

Pemiskinan / impoverishment ???  Of course, goverment need to confiscate all their property, but we need gave them efek jera … dont we ??? .

Now … what punishment that close properly to them ??? Hmmhhh … i just imagine kind of punishment as extreem as PKI at Soeharto’s era … which is whole family also bear the effect … . Whereas whole family get difficult life but its not mean they dont have education access healthy access and others things … but yaaa you know lahhh what psychological effect from that. If a person didnt care again with his/her family based on what had she/he done (become corruptor or drugs dealer) … so i think yup … they suite to capital punishment … 🙂 .

One thing left … why someone (the family, especially kids) who didnt have knowing better bout what their parrents done … should have bear also the effect ??? it seems unfair yaaa 🙂

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