Mundeyzh,, october 08th 2012

Hmhh ,,, you know ,,, i always like morning like monday like beginning because its so powerfull and full of spirit ,,, whatever the stories through ,,,

But somehow ,,, there is alwayzh a thing that make me think more deeper bout life ,,, bout mystery of life ,,, and finally bout You my Lord ,,,

Are we gonna met on that day in the good condition ??? Am i could see You, reading quran at ur Arsy ??? Am i could see Your face ??? . In my logical ,,, no i couldnt ,,, but my heart say ,,, i will ,,, . Ya ,,, to many sins and bad thought maybe ,,, but umghhh ,,, You always be the One ,,,

This world is so full of drama ,,, sometimes we werent knew the true is ,,, too many beautiful masks ,,, even you cant get suri tauladan from ulama ,,, everything become confusing ,,, . So i think ,,, whatever world gonna be ,,, just be honest to God ,,, . And somehow ,,, its fun seeing thing from other side ,,,

Ahhh ini curcol makin gaje ,,, killing time sblum bubu ,,, mending guwah bobo dah ,,, nite aLL ,,, 🙂

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