Kind of kindness ,, ??

We often read many peoples at social media ,,, share and ask to do kindness for sure ,,, but sometimes ,,, they using bad words ,,, . I just imagine if i were in that position who to be asked with that bad words ,,, i will not impression ,,, and i think ,,, many people will do the same like me ,,, sometimes i just wondering with those people at the end ,,, would they get heaven for all they have done ??? Or together in hell ??? Wa allahu a’lam bi showab ,,,

more over,  if we see young ulama right now ,, they are so entertain ,,, changed previous image of ulama that always old ,,, ancient ,,, not trendy and poor ,,, . In the other side ,,, if we remember the stories (cmiiw) ,,, rasulullah was a rich man ,,, but he always bersahaja ( if we dont want to say :: poor) . And i think, if he stay with that condition it is because they property were distributed to others who need one ,,, . And i think i can understand with that mind whereas ,, you cant slept well untill you know ur brotherhood got slept well also ,,, u cant enjoy ur food until you know ur brotherhood got properly food also to eat ,,, . Rasulullah ,,, asked kindness with suri tauladan ,,, not with bad words ,,, not with arrogance ,,, may aLLah gave him and family ,,, kindness on the day after ,,,

in my thought ,,, sharing kindness ex at social media ,,, is just like a gambling ,,, while its pure goodwill from ur heart it would become bigger and bigger thing ,,, and while not ,,, well unfortunately ,,, u will burn with all of that ,,, everything based on ur heart ,,,

Me ??? Of course ,, as objective ,, ever be like that ,,, riya at social media ,,, felt great at that time (maybe till now) ,,, and ummghh ,,, am human ,,, i did bad things and good one ,,, when we knew did bad things (our heart will knew) ,,, we should TRY to fixed that ,,, and ummghhh when we dont have enough time to fixed one ,,, let GOD do the role as the greatest as the merciest as everything that we articulated on our pray ,,,

,, love You my Lord as always ,,

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One Comment on "Kind of kindness ,, ??"

  1. hafi
    08/10/2012 at 9:25 AM Permalink

    and somehow … like u said before … riya is something between you and God … who will know how deep is our heart … isnt it ??? *blink blonk blunk*

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