one day trip to bandung ,,,

last thursday, 20.09.2012 ,,, we went to kawah poetih at bandung west java ,,, . The day was election day for jakarta’s governor … but ummghh .. i choose to golput … huehehehhehe … . So we were arrange to have one day trip to bandung … yippiiieegghhh … . Starting 7 aM from jakarta and arrive again at jakarta arround 9 PM … . Long trip enough yoooo ..

we went to some places at bandung such as kawah poetih … ate at ayam taliwang bandung … berawan (ato apa yah namanya ?? Ko ya lupita lopezh gini guweh ???) bread … and factory outlet … .

herewith some picts on kawah poetih bandoeeenngg … and somehow i alwayzh like back side pictzh … 😉


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