end of april 2012,, — ended ,,

How could i gave any forgiven to dy ??? No, i cant, not yet maybe … but aLLah could … . Am not an angel, am a human being goes to devil koookk …. wakakakakakakkkk ….

hmmhh … udah… cukup aja wat semua … . Judging on dy, gave dy rough words (eventhough dy deserve for that, and more), no … i think its enough. my anger gave nothing … nothing … . even death … came to us, its reveal nothing at all. so, fixed it .. anything you can fix on.

anyway, few days ago i have a little bit conversation with mbak sinta, about financial management. Change our life style could change our financial life. Reduce entertainment fee is one big step to start it. Nah, in my case, what i have to reduce yak ??? Maybe should be cuted ??? Xixiixiii 😛 . Actually, am a person, who can manage my financial ko, secara yeee guwah padang aseli, kalo ga butuh ya jangan di beli !!! Xixixixxi … . But yes, in many slots i reduce much fee but in one other slot i spent much more … wakakaaakakakkk

weeeellll … you already 31 years hafiiii … and you have nothing. Enough with your self enjoyment … starting manage ur financial life yeeee … . I know its gonna be tight management compare ur salary, huikzhh … . Take it easy, rejeki dah ada yg ngatuurrr, klise but it works !!! . Reduce and cut anything you can cut on … wekekekekekekekkekk … . Ummghhh, maybe you can starting from the right side picture ????? Kekekekkeekkk 😛

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