Tadi baca status temen d fb … yg intinya :: orang banyak ibadah kok kelakuan ancur. Hmmhh … pun dah sering bahas kek ginian … tetep jadi mikir lagi, mang enak ya jadi manusia … bisa laku apa aja … dari so suci kek malekat sampe so trkutuk kek iblis … . Perhitungannya nnti di akhirat … . Mungkin ilustrasinya begini nnti di akhirat, qt akan bilang ke malekat :: the bill please ??? . Bis itu di proses deehhh … syurga pa neraka … tinggal lempar … gampang kan ??? Hmmhh … ??? xixixixixi πŸ˜›

I dont know … its just never ended conversation about why right man do bad things and bad man do good one ???. There is no guarantee that people with good worship will not do bad things and no guarantee also that they came to heaven. And there is no guarantee also that people with bad worship will not ever going to heaven. Do you remember a stroy about a slut (is this quite polite vocab ???!!) that she gave a drink to a dying dog ???, then she deserve for heaven for that. See … ???even for a person doing many bad things … still have a chance to heaven with one kindness … . Also many stories told that, person with good worship get hell because one to many reasons. So in rough summary, we can say … do all bad things and do 1 good thing … so you will get chance to heaven … rather than to do hard worship. So cetek isn’t it ??? xixixixixiixi πŸ˜›

Muhammad saw, in his heritage, which the point is :: berpegang teguhlah kamu pada qur’an dan hadits, niscaya kamu akan selamat. In reality, we rarely to read quran and hadits … we are so busy with our worldly … well, maybe this is especially happened for metropolitan people. Eventhough, we are already studying much about quran and hadits, still its need to be realism without oversight … (facing there are many cult in this world that always claim they are the right one). Thus, is it already maksimal for us based to quran and hadits on our life ??? are we gonna safe ??? no one knows … I thinks as long as we live … we are still looking the core … .

Heaven is not cheap one … or maybe its just need a little thing to get key inside ???? . *and am still thinking* is it not quite enough for aLLah with all of our entire life worship ??? is it so hard for aLLah swt gave any forgiven for all our mistaken, till have to build hell in akhirat ??? we are just human being anyway … . *maybe aLLah will answerd :: is it so hard to do what I said to do ???* … mati gaya dah qiteeee … xixixixiixixix πŸ˜› .

Now … am stuck here … eventhough … finally this is not about hell and heaven anymore … isnt it ???!!! πŸ™‚

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