sombong …

just crossed in my mind this morning while waiting for metro mini, a tv show bukan empat mata, whereas showed mandra as guest star, arround last week … . In they conversation, there is a question that asked :: “ada orang yang mengatakan anda bangkrut, bagaimana tanggapan anda tentang hal tersebut ??” . and you know what he answered ??? … :: “bangkrut dalam hal apa dulu, kalo dalam hal materi, gw masih bisa beli kepala orang yang ngomong kek gitu“. at that momment, the ambiance become hush for few seconds. After that the hostess bring the ambiance to normal again.

quite rough ya … a statement that came out from public figure and on public channel also. Its describe how cetek, arrogant and seems un-education person. Why he so bother with that question ?? with poverty ???. Even the hostess one, tukul, who had poverty before, always try to avoid all of kind of poverty jokes on that tv show. Is it all of us come with nothing and will be gone bring nothing ?? except taqwa …

Well … thats why this world came so fun … with all of this differences … 🙂

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