Begitu pulak dengan poligami ,,


yazh of korzh ,,,, its legally by Islam’s rule ,,, moreover with strong challenging in the sentence ,, . Its legally for some conditions ,, . Jika di tanah arab sana ,,, sudah sangat umum culture nya ber poligami ,, jadi it wont be hurt some one ,,, . Memang, jadi sptnya women dont hv big bargaining to man ,, but ,, i think its become another topic tobe discuss ,, .

But coba lakukan di indo ,, lo brpoligami ,,, most of ,, lo bikin seseorang ( istri dan ibu ) menderita ,, struggling by her self ,, to raise their kids ,, . seriyuzh ,, most of chaos ,,, .

beyond all those matters ,,, this is a big thing ,, jangan sakit orang ,, jangan bikin masa depan anak berantakan ,, . Xan ortu ,, akan di mintai pertanggungjawaban kelak ,,,, . we are will ,,


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