blind spot ,,


you know what happened tudey ???
pa bozh manggil ke ruwang mtg ,,, dan mengatakan ,, or menanyakan ,,, yg intinya ,,, :: dy menemukan gw de-motivasi recently, compare ,,, pertama x kerjak dengan doi ,,, . and he asked :: why ???

wew !!!
pa bozh kesambet malekat manah ?? tetiba nanyak begituan ???? kekekekkekek ,,, . but you know what pa bozh ,, i think its kind of blind spot for you nor for me. But you are very kind person, want to asked me what the issue is.

You can’t see ,,, from my standing point. But i think i can see from yours ,, jjiyakakkakakakkaka ,,,, . At first ,,, once or maybe two ,,, i had share my job issue with you ,, but ,, i didnt get any good response ,,, . in general you said :: you are manager, you should find your own way to solve. So ,, this time ,,, i dont want to share anything to you, Sir. Bikozh ,, i think ,, it useless ,,, sorry then ,,, .
still ,, you are kind person for me ,,, 🙂

Thus, i can answer your question here ,,,
#kalik di bacak yezh ,, wkkwkwkwk ,,,

why i got de-motivated ?? because ::
we have different thought about Logistic, nor SCM section
from my side, you can not see the whole issue nor the core issue on Logistic dept
Do you know, many things broken on logistic dept – allocation section ?? and i think, its a our main list to do.
For example :: un even distribution. Everyone got happy, after 6 months can get better situation. You know what ??? for the prev rezim, its very haram get un even distribution. Now, we need 6 months to recover ??? and every one so happy ????.
You are so busy, to fix for others dept issue that not our KPI. Of course eventhough its about our company.
You udak2 SCM section. Umh, KPI scm section adalah penyediaan barang
/ balance stock. D bawah bimbingan pa bozh sebelumnya, kami sudah berbenah bagiyan ,,, dan mengoptimalkan bagiyan. Sehingga next issue
adalah tentang communication dengan dept lain, yg mana harusnya itu bukan tanggung jawab kami, tapi yezh its related to us. an i think, solution nya siii ,, ttg kuwat2an management ajah ,,, kwkwkwkkw
cant you see ??? scm section start from stable line ,,, and allocation start from broken line ,, . kami xuman br2 ( thanks to you), mereka br8. kami stable, dan mereka broken. and you said ,, scm is broken ?? ,, your eyes !!.
I dont have partner in crime to share same understanding in logistic,, to you pa bozh ,, and to other SM ( ya apa lagii ) wkwkkwkwkw
So ,,, from above ,,, what i hv to fight for ????????


then, you said ,,, manager should have “engine” to boost up others.
Do you hv one, Sir ????

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