manner ,,,

yezh ,, yezh ,, yezh ,,, in my condition and situation right now ,,, am become more perfectionist and i just cant think more for them that hv bad behavior to others ,,, it just ,,, big why question ,,,, . It does ,,, you cant please every one ,,, even you cant always do warm things ,, it just ,,, do not harm/hurt anyone ,,, is it something so difficult to do ??? ,,, . If you cant do that ,,, just be quiet ,,,


i just have one explanation remining ,,, only them who have high education will follow with good manner ,,, others ?? great mother behind ,,, thats it ,,, !!

Nabi Muhammad saw ,, menyuapi makan pada  orang buta yahudi yang selalu memakinya ,,, mempercepat bacaan sholatnya karena tau ada makmum yang sudah sepuh ,,, dan masih banyak contoh betapa beliaw menghormati manusia lain dengan manner begitu baik ,,, . #ah beli buku tentang rasul lagi ah ,,, mo refresh ,,, xixiixixiix

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