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Maaghkuwh ,,, please be nice ,,, hmmhh ,,, you already break me down for the last three month ,,, enogh donk yezh ,,, qt kan sehidup sematiii ,,, kl q mati kaw juga matii ,,, xixiixixixi — Saat ini ??? Saat selemah inih ??? Aq memikirkan mimpi2kuwh ,,, aq memikirkan kebahagian ,,, aq tdk ingin […]

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Short time ,,,

Aqoh ??? If i have short time left to live ??? ,,, i will spent my time with amazing stories ,,, i will not just laying down on my bed and hove more time but nothing to do ,,, no, never ,,, itu akan terhenti dengan sendirinya ,,, dan aq mau cerita yg bahagia seru […]

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