Zenin, 25.May.2015

Felt weird by tudeyzh ,,, . 

Happy so much having a chance in that company when i received the invitation email for interview. But also worried in many things bout my capabilities related to their needs … . Also with tatoo on my hand ,,, hehehehhe ,,, .

Miris while lunch time ,,, . Listening my friends sharing happy stories about their healthy children during i remembering about my friends daughter who had to fight with cancer in a little age … . Also, lisyul calls while lunch time ,,, she is through her 1st day in the new office ,,, must be so different environtment ,,, .

And tonight ,,, feel so sad ,,, i dont know why ,,, so sad ,,, . In my way home ,,, ya, i remembering many stories ,,, old stories ,,, about karma ,,, about what i hv seen last night ,,, about now ,,, about next ,,, . Litbit  Confuse for what i hv to do with my life next ,,, . 

Hhhh ,,, maybe its just closing with ny periode ,,, its all about HORMON yeezzhhh ,,, hehehhehehe

Egh ??? Still distruct fi ?? Owh come on ,,, focus !!! Xixiixixixi

Dpt apdetan enih ::



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