Waktunya ,,,

Sampai waktuNya ,,, sampai waktukuwh ,,, dan sampai waktumuwh ,,, sampai waktunya ,,,

So sadly by todayzh ,,, knowing critical things inside of me ,,, without can do more ,,, even for many years ahead ,,, i just happy for everything of me ,,, well, maybe i just want some more money to pay my loan ??? Hahahahhaha ,,,

May ,,, everyone ,,, get their own goodness ,,, kindness ,,, happinesss ,,, all of  the world ,,, aamiinnn ,,, *alwayzh pray for this while it hurt so much ,,, while i cant feel anything beside the hurt it self ,,, and hope many people can be happy out there ,,,*

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One Comment on "Waktunya ,,,"

  1. riboya
    08/03/2015 at 10:14 AM Permalink

    tujuan yg sederhana… bahagia…

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