Something new ,,,

I like something new ,,, New place ,,, new condition ,,, new people ,,, new views ,,, new stories ,,, hehehehehehe ,, . That like till i want to pay any ,,, xixixixxii ,,, . Sure ,, some times its litbit scary ,,, but ,,, its handle out anyway ,,, .

is it not that bored doing same things all the time ??? Thats the real prison anyway . Who knows at the future bout our healthy ,,, maybe we will just laying on bed so we just cant go anywhere ,,, and we cant do anything. We are still young ,,, so make it ,,,do that we can do ,,, try anything ,,, . Am already in cage that long ,,, its time to fly free ,,, i fall i raise ,,, . Yesterday ,,, i made my own mistaken that brought me into pieces ,,, maybe next i will do another mistaken ,,, but hope not so bad ,,, kekekekekekkk ,,, . Ya ya ya ,,, we always hope there are alwayzh fair in everything ,,, but if not ,,, am i sorry for the new stories ??? No ,,, it just sorry for the unfair part ,,, 😉 ,, . Beside ,,, nothing to loose in my stage now ,,, . Sure ,,, there is cost for something new 😉

*edisi memotivasi diri sendiri biar dapet pekerjaan pendapatan penghidupan yg lebih baik lagiii ,,, aamiinn*

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