2nd monday on August,,,

August 13, 2012 ,,,


hadju hadjuuu … just in the morning already get annoying story … . Its about allocation job related to one of our team get leave paid for her maternity. The weird bozh already gave instruction that the jobs will be handled by me and the new another weird bozh … . And when my friend want to transfer knowledge for some parts to the new bozh … the new bozh ?? dodge. She said … she is just supporting when i cant handled jkt branch order. Heeeee ???? … eventhough finally she makes confess that she couldnt do that because it related with the system alias gaptek … . Hadoeehhh … yg kek begini neehhh manager yang di angkat ni kumpenih ??? … . I dont know who the stupid one is ??? … . Its out of my mind … helloww ??? 1 gedung ampe jurig2nya juga tau lo tuh ga kompeten nek jadi M … tapi kl dah dapet rejeki jadi M … mbok ya memantaskan diri … upgrade kualitas diri … jangan malah ogah2an kerja … *tepok pantat cogan*

dan mulay eneg lageeehhh … ahuhuhuhuhuhu … masa iye ngetem di toil lageee … . Katanya pan yak … kudu makan yg smooth2 doeloe kek bubur … tapi ko ya ngidamnya bakso pedesh asem mampuzh yak … hmmhhh *ngences dot kom*.


jiaaahhh … too many weirds in here … . hhh … and what remains ??? some kind of ignorance still being here … masya allah … .

Eee bujuuggg daaahhh ,,, it tooks arround 2 hours sunter-kembangan with motorbike ???!!! ,,, oh my god ,,, . I thought its gonna be lancarjayadotkom in order that h-6 going to idul fitri ,,,, . Hhhhh ,,, rencana mu ngayap k sana k mari ,,, dah ilfil ma macetnyo jekardah ,,, 🙁

D thinking thinking ,,, if i try to remember ,,, i ever lost my weight quite significant like now ,,, . Arround 10 years ago ?? Yup ,,, on that treachery ,,, . I lost arround 6 kg from 42 kg ,,, . Repeating history ????!!! Xixixixixixi ,,,

Hhh ,,, quite headache todeeyyy ,,, i said my face getting bright ,,, but they said my face getting pale ,,, . Markibo everyone ,,, niiittteeee ,,,,

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  1. name it
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    Istirahat. Jng bawel

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