tepar’s sunday ,,,

Hmmhh ,,, after ngayap till midnite on saturday ,,, finally ,,, tepar on sunday ,,, got hard headache ,, !!! . So,,, !??? Just laying in my bed all day ,,, ecapedeeehhh ,,, . I know usually am sick at the end of ramadhan ,,, buuuutttt nooowww ???? Am not fasting even for a day yeeeeetttttt ,,, !!! Why i’ve to laying in my bed nooooowwwwwww ,,, gasukadotkom ,,, huuggghhh ,,, . Gegara eniighhh ,,, ga bisa hunting cogan deeehhh ,,, wkwkwkwkkwkk ,,, .

U know ,,, eventhough i dont want to discuss bout this anymore ,,, but yes, its annoying when have to see for something that have already seen ,,, πŸ™

Sooo ,,,, whats update outsideeeee ?????? Does everyone got happiness ??? … . Hmmhh ,,, on news ,,, muslims on burma still slaughter,,, . Allahu akbar ,,, . Some pictures on fb describe how its so horrible ,,, masya allah ,,, . And some how ,,, that news doesnt that blow up in international’s median,,, dunno why ,,, . From news that i’ve read ,,, the reasons of the conflict still not clear yet. But one thing for sure sodara2 ,,, there isΒ  no right to slaughter people to any ethnic on everywhere ,,, . Hhh ,,,Β  out of my mind ,,, . When some clusters in this world already starting changed the world with ‘beauty’ ways ,,, but still there is something barbar like this ,,, . May aLLah gave the mercy to our heart ,,, aamiin ,,, . Fyi, act from indonesia, if am not wrong, already went to burma for helping anyone there ,,, . They already opening acc bank also for those who want to help birma’s people ,,, . May aLLah ,,, gave the strength and protection to them ,,, aamiinn ,,,

Really hope ,,, this world getting better to live ,,, aamiin ,,, πŸ™‚ . And one of my pray for tomorrow is ,,, hope dont get any headache ,,, its killing me ,,, hikzh ,,, πŸ™

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