its all about ur heart …

few times ago … i’ve some discussion with my friend … about … what based our decisions made, heart or brain ??? . I said loudly :: brain of course !!! … but they said :: heart … . And coincidence … on MTGW show, where as having same discussion told that our decisions based on our heart. jiaaaaahhh … am i wrong ????

Well … true or false, it become relative seeehh …. xiixxiixixi *ngeleshdotkom*. But it make me more thinking about that. Everyone who close enough with me … always told me that :: fiii … use ur heart … not alwayzh using ur brain.  and i think :: huwaaaattt ??!!!! live without brain ???  how come ???? it became big messy at all … ??? . Lohhh ?? am i right, isnt it  ???? xixiixixixi 😛

and more discussion … myfriend who have knowledge bout that told me … logicer – thinker – usually having tendency to materialistic. Because these people much more using their brain … so much more decision they have made based on loss and profit from financial/material side.  Yaaa .. surely … if we look from this side … a lot of people like this … and less or more, we are like this … dont we ??? jadi ya sah2 aja lah …

finally … in the middle of my daily life routine …  i relized that everything in this life is about my heart … and decision have already  made based on my heart also … . Although using my brain in many ways and much more things … but all of thats is about my heart … .

Yup … this is all about you … ur heart … . that something having big influence for whole ur life in this world … and the after life i think … .

Shahih Bukhari dan Muslim disebutkan bahwasanya Nabi saw bersabda :: “Ketahuilah sesungguhnya di dalam tubuh manusia ada    segumpal darah, apabila dia baik maka baiklah seluruh    tubuhnya, dan apabila dia rusak, maka rusaklah seluruh tubuhnya. Ketahuilah bahwa segumpal darah itu ialah hati  “

,,,  m . a . s . y . a     a . L . L . a h  ,,,

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