tatanan hidup …

last week … jakarta headline news contain of insistence dismissal community moslem organization called FPI inorder for they ways to regulates sacrilegious with hard way.  News many times show up violence doing by FPI to regulate prostitution place – bars – clubs – and others sacrilegious. In fact, FPI have doing musyawarah ways such as sending letter as reminding to related person and organization at first, but it seems no positive response. So at the end … they were doing the extreem ways … using violence without casualties of course.

This insistence having many response also from community as pro and contra. I think they want for freedom to expression in many ways as they want for the contra side, and want well-regulate on this community from the pro one.  welll .. thats why this world came so fun … with all of this difference … 🙂  ahihihihihihihihihihihi *sarap ya guweeeee :P*

Guweeeehhh ??? i remembered when i was attending league in high school … our senior mate said :: 

.. in this world … we all of in same boat … we need a good captain … and we have to back up each other in order to get end of goal.  If on the journey we have our boat got leak … it will threatening for all of passengers on that boat.  So we have help each other to repair the leaky and get safety to the end ..

boat means … this earth, place we lived in … . so when we meet mismatch from our environment … we have to get it right back … not let it crush and get all of us down till die.

as a young people … sure !! definitely … we want to expressive our self as we want to … no limit … this our time this is our world … and we have right to do that. But unfortunately … all in this world spinning … we will not young for ever we will need that ‘right’ regulation anyway.  In order for many differences in our environtment … i think … yes !!, we hove to envorce the right regulation. I mean we all not lived alone in this earth … we lived with others … oldster and children … . Kidzh need to have good environment to live, they are our successor. This is all about ‘tatanan hidup’  in societal lived.  If we reliazed this … there is no violence to handle out i think.

Buuuutttttt … in this wooorllldddd … it wouldn’t be one colour anywayyyy … and thats why this world came so fuuunnn… jiahahhahahahhahahha 😛 *ecapedeeeeeehhhh*


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