malming-an at startbucks coffee …


using this pp … x aja da yang mu transfer pulsa … mu transfer duit wat bayar cc next month !! hahhahahhaha 🙂

whats going on this week ???


we have participate on critical thinking seminar for 2 days at orchard hotel presented by HRD ajinomoto indonesia, PT . what have we got from that seminar ??? more fater !!! wakkakakkakakkkk. Well, without less honour to promoter for this seminar … i think its more less missed from the target of this seminar. i think its need to be more analyses for better result. thank you anyway 🙂

and then … official routine starting like alwayzh … at 4th fl toilet !! wakakakakakkk. Met lisa and fitri there … 3B !! me with daily dandan activities … also with lisa … mpit — the sexy bohay mantep one — doing dugem dancing still admiring her posture in the mirror … xixixixiixxi 😛 . And here we go … doing official activities for next 8 hours every day … .

20 days passed by for this year… still with littlebit sadness. confuse,, afraid ,, wheeww makes me more sensitive if i describe with details … . everything … yes everything … seems all we have through … . in bahasa :: ‘mengobok-obok’ maybe thats word can describe for this stroy … .

curcol mode on. u know what ?? some people oftentimes judge me or gave ‘sharp words’ for my decision without they know the backgorund for what i did. But sure … keep positive thinking is mygen. They care bout me … nothing else. moreover they know nothing bout me … so they said like that. Yes … try to be patiet because they dont know 🙂

and sometimes … when we face our life were more complicated then others … try to think like this :: have you ever using google map ??? ya, in google map, we can ‘menarik ke atas’ from current point … so, at the end we can see the whole of the earth.     same with our problems, sometimes we need to see ‘menarik ke atas’ from our problems. knowing that many worst stories than ours… many people struggling to succeed … many people that not lucky like ours … and the big point is :: there is aLLah in the arsy … di atas semua yang terjadi di hidup qt … who never slept who never missed … who makes everything good at the time. yup !! believe is number one miracle in this world.

di samping itu semuaaaa … thank you LORD for everything in mylife … 🙂

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