Apato ,,,


i ,, really want to ,,, live mandiri ,, live in apato ,,, . already said to mbk uwee ,, if shes plan to move to semarang this middle year get happened ,, i will take over her apartment ,,, and she said ,, am in the no.1 waiting list ,, wkkwkwkwkwkk ,,,

actually ,,, living in apato is not well ,, according to syariah ,,, . Of course its not ,,, from any point of view ,,, . Girl who not married yet ,,, stick to her trustee ,,, . Annndd ,,, i dont have any serious issue living in kembangan ,, . For all reasons ,, it just me ,, who want to live in apato ,,, hahhahahhaha ,,, . and actually ,, it will be bad impact to kemvangan sii if i take a live in apato ,,, ahuhuuhuh ,,, compare to tight financial issue view point yeezhh ,, kekekkekekek ,,,

hmmpphh ,,,
but i think ,, if i already hv a will ,, i will do anyway ,, soon or later ,, hehheheheh

bismillah ,, 🙂

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