LiVur hari raya ,,


Wiw !!! Finally i took 3 days annual leave in this holiday season. From 27 – 29 May ,, .

Actually there is no specific reason for leave ,,, but my intention 100% to increase my worships in this ramadhan. It just 3 days compare (maybe) 200 days in a year for ajinomoto. 😁😁😁 . Tapiiiii tgl 31 nya masuk lagiiii kozh mbakngel cutiy ,,, xiixixixixix .

Insya allah ,,, bisa maksomal ibadah d 10 terakhir ramadhan ,,, amiinnn . Duh senengnya !!!! Bisa ibadah lengkep d ramadhan !! Alhamdulillah !!! . #pun ga bakal khatam quran jg sih ,,, zixiixixixix

Hey !! Its ramadhan !! Dont be a fool with just leave it behind with dunyawik jendral !!! . Cemungutzh 💪💪

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