Lately days ,,,


Ummhhh ,,, i notice that on last sunday ,, . When i woke up in the murning,,, my ear was like half to hear ,,, its like pressure somewhere in my head ,,, . And it was happened around 3 hours ,,, then everytjing just fine.

Yesterday ( still this day yezh ,, ) in early murning ,,, i felt so dizzy ,,, . I woke up several times ,, and my head so lite ,,, xixixiixix . I think its because the room was so dark.

Then this murning ,,, at the office ,,, i felt so dizzy . Am not so weak, but its like i want to collaps ,,, .

Hmmhhh ,,, now ngantuk ,,, tidut ajah nyok ,,, xixiixixix .

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