#sebelum tidur ,,,


Dream. Banyak hal gw lihat dlm mimpi ,, kadang masih ^kasar^ ,,, kadang dh tinggal kejadiannya ,,, dan gw ga peduli ,, xixixix

Misal BH ,,, i saw him last year not go back ,,, but i notice that he will this year ,,, tp lupak mimpi yg mana ,,, kwkwkwkwkwk ,, .

Misal ttg guwe ,,, gw lihat gw long live ,, and its true ,,, right ,,, . Ttg gw ,,, so many ,,, so many ,,, entahlah ,,,

And this night ,,, i think about my father ,,, . I think ,,, he will get pain ,,, the last pain ,,, rasa sedih mendalam yg terakhir ,,, .

#istighfar #brdoa untuknya ,,,


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