Cam mana inii ,,,

,, Ga masuk sehariiii ,,, langsung d masalahin banged ,,,

Padahal d org chart perusahaan ,, gw punya atasan aka section ,, tetep ajah kenak omel mulu ,,
Padahal d org chart project ,, gw punya leader team ,, tapi tetep ajah kena lagi ,,
Apezh amad yk idup ,,, xixixiix

Hmmhhh ,,, i wish i could told him that we fail ,,, . Internal ?? Each of person want to get transfer ,,, we dont take that horor situation ,,, . Externally ?? How many complains about our dept ??? . They dont do much more because still respect of the members .

Dear pa bozh ,, once again ,, while you are not change your approach ,,, you got nothing ,,,  

Unfortunately ,,, those are not your goals ,, arent they ?? ,,, . So ,,,  🙄🙄

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