ZeniN,, 25.01.16

Sooo tired by tudeyzh ,,, . Back from Bali and then hv busy monday also ,,, plus !! Too much coffee ,,, makes my body geting weak ,,, xixixixx . And yezh ,,, as usually ,,, can not sleep as well tonight ,,, hehhehehe . My head can not stop thinking ,,, #kek bisa and ada yg d pikirin aja yezh ,,, kekekkekekekk . 

Hmmpphhh ,,, sometimes ,,, when my thought geting so wild about the Lord ,,, i feel ,,, begitu lah ,,, i want to stab my head ,,, so i cant think become more negative to the Lord ,,, . Hmmpphhh ,,, 

Cita2 kecil gw dulu jadi astronot ,,, dan pekerjaan gw sekarang adalah tukang sampah ,,, #cant describe this quote ,,, it just me and the Lord ,,, hehehhehehh

Hmmphh ,,, baca2 curcolan orang ,,, ,,, ,,, tiap orang ponya mind set sendiri ,,, pastinya yezh ,,, like i do ,,, yang ga ke distruct many things about others ,,, . Mungkin orang2 anggap gw egois autis apalah apalah ,,, but umhh ,,, i think ,,, i do respect people ,,, not hurting them ,, not disturbing them ,,, using good words ,,, try to help as i could ,,, and i think ,,, those fair enough ,,, 

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