some people arround me got mock from their arround related to sent their children to a good formal school of course its took high cost also while they not came from the high economic class … .

I think … Its so neccesary each child get good education. Am not saying, good formal education will guarantee bring good future to them … . But this all about process and each proccess will bring ( hopefuly good ) perspective to inside of us to our environment … And finally to the God … .

So why they still disparage education ???

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  1. Me
    29/06/2013 at 8:40 AM Permalink

    Somehow,lot of people think that bring their children or themself,its how they put on their prestige,not only for the best education.
    Otherwise,they try to improve that they really can make it do the best for their life i means improvement to others that they settle.
    Well,children can be smart,and succed..depend on their they responsible to teach,educate since their children still kiciilll

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