think thinking thought mind …

they said … they often times saw me bengong … . I’ve already did that since junior high school i think … xixiixixixi 😛 … . But you know what … it was not that blank koooo … just … imagine or thinking something maybe ??? hehehheheh *ngeleshdotkom*. Minds is something big … they wild on many imaginations on … isnt it ??? 😛 .  And some times … it so hard to control … but it can be liege by heart … 🙂 . these are some stories above …

Keep in touch. when my mind asked me … why you still can be friendly to person that already hurt you that much ??? this is not make sense … . well … Its not easy to handle out my heart … but sometimes its not that hard also being friendly for now.  On the other side … i thought …, even thought i forgive them … its not gave any guarantee that am include on ‘save peoples’ . My sins too much … One kindness can not make me safe. Even i did kindness during entire whole my life (if i do that) … still not gave any guarantee … . Just do good things … as long as we could … as long as time still turn arround … as long as our heart still beat up . Its all about God mercy … is that what we looking for so far … Isnt it ???

Riba. ummghh … u know … riba is not allowed in islam. As we knew, riba is allowed on conventional financial system. They said, if we are in disanvantaged side … its ok we use the conventional system, but if we get benefit which mean interest then its not allowed to. And most of financial system in this world … using this riba. Still there is syariah system that already exist in indonesia. Ya ya ya … my money is not that much to debating for interest, riba or something … (lah wong buwat makan aja repot … kekkekekekkek). And so far, still i try to avoid the riba. Still looking for the syariah one for my insurance or my banking transaction. Why ??? because … i knew how hard working to earn money for live … and i dont want to my saving in the bankings/insurances, get role for un allowed in islam border. Its make my effort became vain or maybe make some troubles in the judgement day. i dont want it. Still, i use conventional bank to facilitate payments for my credit cards. The interest i used to sedaqoh jariyah … wakkakakakkak… (helloooowww ??? mana bisa sodaqoh jariyah d lalui dari jalan/duit yang haram ???) … astaghfirullahal’adziimmm… .  Well, further … still bound to conventional system inorder to have house or car maybe ??? … hmmhh … how bout that ??? kekkekekekekkekk 😛

Corruptor. Sometimes … i lost in my mind bout them … why they do that ?? . Persue that money in wrong way … for what ??? Provide high quality living for they family ??? Isn’t it became make more bussiness to be done ‘next’ ???.  I mean … semana seh harta/dunia neh mu di raih mu di kejar ??? ga d bawa mati tuh benda duniawi … . And my relative said … thats why most of moslem not get good welfare … . Hmmhh ??? well … if many humans not greedy … maybe this earth could be long live also … 😛

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