i like spontanaeity … really like it … because there is honesty describe on. I like few things also that describe another honesty.

Pray. I like seeing praying people with khyusuk. Really like it … *terlepas pada doa ape yeeeee …*. It just … mmmhh … like … xixixixi, i cant describe one with words … . Sometimes i heard they pray till craying … and with jailnya i said in my heart :: ” ya aLLah … ada yang manggil mpe nangis2 tuuhh … di kabulkan dunkz ya aLLah … hehehheheh ” 😛

Sedeqah. Once … we have visited an elder. Her condition very pathetic, because she seems alone … it just her sister who take care her daily. One of our parents felt very pity to her … . And when we leave that house … our parents left her sandals to gave to her. When we want to inside the car, her son asked :: “mom, where is ur sandal .. ??? “ . and she said : : ” its oke … i left behind for her … “. i saw with my own eyes, when we want to go, she already ware that sandal then she took off and leave it in front of the door, when she look that elder’s sandal was very poor one. Lalu dy berjalan bertelanjang kaki, dari rumah orang tua itu sampai mobil yang areanya tanah2an … .

Laugh. and i like seeing people laguh with spontanaety … with that expression … what ever it is … hahhahahahhah. May be thats why i like to ngerjain orang, because i can get 1st expression of them …. hahahhahhahah. Muhun maapppp bagi orang2 yang telah merasa di kerjain … itu hanya perasaan anda2 sajaaahhh .. hahhahahha *kaboooooeeerrrrr*

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