just a thought ,,,


kekekkekekk ,, ummhh ,, tudey i just want to share ,, a thought ,,, about people on my cycle ,,, closer one may be ,,, ??? xiixixiix ,, .

So ,,, recently ,, my friend ask me for loan to cover his issue with pinjol ,, . Quite big loh ,, 12 million ,, hehehhehehe ,,, . Of course i dont have spare money to be loaned due to my own installment for house ,,, . Even at that time ,, i dont know if my money enough for living until next paid ,,, . thus ,, we hv a lot of chit chat ,, for this matter ,, .

from this chit chat ,, he told me that he also have old loan to me that not pay yet ,, 6 millions ,,, . I know i gave him a loan for last 2 years maybe ?? ,, but i dont realize its pretty much ,,, and yezh ,, am not remind him to pay ,, just in the time he could pay ajah ,,, .

next ,, he try to get another loan from bank ,, 50 million ,, . and he already split this 50 mil into his needs… of course mainly to cover his pinjol’s loan ,,, . and i realize ,, none of his plan intense to pay his loan to me ,, . No no no ,, i dont expect he pay at this tight situation ,, seriously ,,, . But from his split ,, there is a point that not important to consume ,,, . How he way thinking of ??? ,,, .

beyond all of this matter ,, i just realize ,, where is my position from his view point ,,, . Just same as my closer friend also ,,, when she was just hit by Cov last year ,, and not detected at earlier ,, . She said ,, dont want to get test earlier ( caused financial issue ) if not caused by mb uweee ,, eventhough she hung up with me that made high risk to me ,, thus family at kembangan ,,, . She dont care on me ,, this is a life matter ( at that time, cov is quite scary ,, ehheheheh ).


mungkin gw lagi gada yg di pikirin yk ,,, jadi mikir yg kek gini ,, kwkwkkwkwk ,,, . And this is make me introspection by my self ,, my act to others ,, is it same just like them ??? not care for important thing to my around ,,, ??? ,,, . It could be my blind spot, isnt it ??? eventhough from my view point ,, i just think already put them in my priority ,,, .

and after all ,,, i dont disturb with their act ko ,, am solid ,, i can go with or with out them ,, . am dealing with God ,, this thing just a little bit realize character of my friends ajah sik ,, . no change from my side jg ,,, xiixixixix ,,, โค๐Ÿงก . #is it fi ,,,, ??? #kok not sure yk ??? ,,, wkwkkwkwkwk ๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜


Remains is about concept of this friendship relationship ,,, . My friends just not want to put their relationship into risk cause by loan ,,, . So their better get riba to cover their life needs ,,, .

yaaakk ,, maybe because am still single and hv good income for my self ,, so financial its not became an issue ,, . But my concern is about why they dont try make better management financial for themself ,, and if not enough, try to get friends for a loan rather than to the bank ,, . We are here for that ,, . But ,, because already miss at first ,, make next step become miss also ,, . and am very sorry for this situation ,, .

another remain ,, am struggling with my self ,, when have kind of support this riba’s loan ,, through my sign’s suket nor another information ,,, . is God will be mad on me ??? ,,, Huikzh ,,

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