duhay ,,, mahluk Tuhan ,,,, ,,,

duhay ,,, mahluk Tuhan ,,,, ,,,

i just read your note ,,, and ummh ,,, yes, like you said ,,, i dont care at all ,,, . what already you done to me ,,, its very cruel ,,, setan pun akan tertawa riang karena kemenangannya ,,, setan pun akan berkata :: aq pun tak akan berbuwat sejahat itu pada sesama setan ,,, demi sebuah ego ,,, . My bad words ,,, your karma ,,, its never be enough for you ,,, . Please dont said everything that you already done ,, your sacrifices ,,, is for me ,,, for fixed what already broken into pieces ,,, . Surga punya Tuhan ,,, dan sekali lagi ,,, hanya Tuhan yang mampu memaafkanmuwh ,,, not me ,,,

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