Love most …


Orang yang qt pikirkan saat qt sendiri, saat qt terbaring lemah karena sakit, saat qt berfikir ini waktu terakhir … Mungkin, orang itu adalah orang yg sangat qt cintai

dan biasanya itu adalah mak kite cyiiinnttt …. xixiixixi 😛

hmmh … just wanna sharing bout my heart … . Doeloeee … was, if i intersting with a man and falling in love … i just felt so guilty to the God … . Some how yaa … i feel betray the God … hehehheh … . How com ya ??? dunno … . And … when am so happy with the love … my heart could accomodate all that happiness … so i gave back to the God … . Is it, when am falling in love with a man, i become far away from God ??? Could be ???? no one can measure our heart, isn’t it ??? . So actually, my heart just contain man and God … xiixixiixix 😛 . Salah ??? well, let it be mine … 🙂

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