gastric (again) …

something wrong with my stomach … . maybe its because too many indomiegh ??? i dont know … ampe eneg ndiri gw … . i think its bad combination between chronic gastric disorder and indomieghh … . Thanks God I dont have any tedency to cancer … because from my biospy … its quite scary result … . Maybe someone else who have tedency to cancer … will get cancer in my case … . I need to maintain these immedietly … because its not impossible for years ahead … i got one also … bermula dari magh ??? ecapedeeehhh …

now i have eat !! how i suppose to do that ??? ya eat … mang mu gimana lage fiii ??? wekekekkekekekk … . i have to make some way out to solve this … and now ??? i dont have any idea … . lets make a map … ::

– why i dont like to eat ??? because its eneg … and still others reasons anyway
– why its many time to eneg ??? because maybe my gastric was kembung … ?? full of gas …
– why my gastric full of gas ??? ummghhh why yak ??? maybe its because increasing of production gastric acid ,,,
– why production of gastric acid was increasing ??? because of my irregular ate …
– now the solution is :: eat !!! whatever it is !!! muntah muntah dah gegara makanan …

is it if i ate regulary … my gastric disorder will over ??? i dont think so … becasue its already ‘different’ kind of my gastric … . Well … at least … i can enjoy my food … hehehheehh 😀

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  1. name it
    22/10/2012 at 8:11 PM Permalink

    It is simply answer for ur gastric disease,,,,try to understand ur body needed….

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