First day at work ,,,,

Hows ??? Well ,,, am not loading yet for tudey ,,, xixixixixixixi ,,, . Sleepy and not quick response ,,, kekeeekekekek ,,, . Plus, now i have additional job desc in order that my friend got leave paid for her maternity ,,, . Did i got any hand from my partner that said “siyap pak” when she got order also to handled out cjkt ??? Of course not ,,, xixixixixixi ,,, even she didnt asking for any ,,, . Well ,,, i can understand that ,,, because she didnt have any capability to do the tasks ,,, already forgot maybe ,,, xixixxxixixixi ,,, . Whatever lah ,,, did i care ??? Toh Still have got supports from others kookk ,,, . Xiixixixixi ,, so suck being here ,,, but ,,, *angkat bahu*  🙂

And i have jcool yoghurt togo this nite ,,, . Lagi kepengenan yoghurt dri kemarenan ,,, . This is so delicious ,,, mpe terharuw gw makannya ,,, dan abis !!! Jarang2 gw doyanan makan dan menikmatinyagh ,,, Heheheheheheh ,,, . But ,,, as personal ,,, its more delicious sour sally rather than jcool ,,, of course there is litbit more expensive on sour sally ,,, . But ,,, this is goooddd ,,,, enyak enyakkk enyyaaakkkk ,,, hehehhehehehhehh ,,,

Close to hulideyzh ,,, baliiiiii ,,, mu pantaaaaaaayyyyyyyy ,,,

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    28/08/2012 at 11:07 AM Permalink

    Huu emang kmu tukang milih kok

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