something ,,,

someone told to me that … i was followed by jin, lately. The jin existing as an animal. That thing not harmful, just want to protect me. And !!! that thing like me !!! wadddaaawww … unbelievable that am so attractive … even a creature from other world fascinated on me … . jiahahahahahhahahaha. Easy … from now … that thing will not follow me again …. xixiixixxi 😛 .

hhh … dont need all of those things. i know am weak … i know i loose something as human … but aLLah will protect me anyway … . And its more than enough when aLLah take everything in my life (ya iyyyaaa laaaahh … heeellloowww ??!!!). Evan aLLah gave me sad story for entire mylife … no, i dont want to and i dont need kind like that … .

and finally … all of in this world … it just become me and aLLah … nothing else …  .

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