Damn ,,,


since my last period ,,, i just feel litbit far away from aLLah swt ,, and its make me sad ,, very sad ,,, . its very hard in this time for me ,, for me yeeezzhh ,,, i dont know for others ,,, to maintain istiqomah ,,, . Its seems ,, while there is time off in my worship ,,, its make me far away from allah swt ,, and it is that pattern ,,, . How i break that pattern ???

ya allah ,,, how it could be this worst ???
yezh i assess my self ,,, i know whats make me far away from aLLah ,, . But its seems difficult for me to maintain this one ,,, huikzh ,, . Allaaahhh ,,, pengen jalani idup dengan freee ,, gmna caranya ya allah ,,,

Tujuwan idup lu apa sik fi ???
di inged2 lagi ,, dan fokezh ke situ yezh ,,
insya allah ,, amin !

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