WFH WFO again ,,,


Due to increasing of Covid’s issue ,,, so our company ,, apply grouping for our daywork ,, . Me got Groub B, thu – fri, whereas i already set up leave paid for friday ,, aahahhahahah ,, .

after healink ,, last two weeks and hv better soul for through live on last week ,, then this week got my own time caused by Cov’s issue ,, just to be my self ,, through my life as hafi ,,, ehehhehe ,, . Some time its priceless yh for people like me ,, .

ummhh and how me facing ppl around at official circumstance ???? welllll ,, i want to hit back ,, cause they deserve ,,, but ,, ummh ,, i dont know ,, . Nothings a thing happen to me because of my self ,, . I mean ,, i just think ,, this is because am not good person so that i hv to dealing with this situation, even though i dont know exactly which character / mistaken thought that caused of all this ,, .

Thus ,, despite hit back all those persons ,, i just want to make my self better and better ,, . I dont want make me ,, fulfil my self with negative things ,,, . Insya allah ,, amiinn ,, .

ingeddd ,,,
only 20 years remains ,,
Maybe shorten ,, ?


buuuuuttttttttt i do looooveeeeeeeeeee WFH indeeeddd ,, !!!
sangat suka suka dan suka ,, !!

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