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Killing time ,,,

— 4:30 pM ,, killing time waiting for tebengan — * waiting at breaking room * Hmmhh ,, breaking room ,,, reminding me for the sequel of breaking down ,,, when its gonna be show on cineplex at indonesia ??? ,,, di thinking2 ,,, ko ya sequel nya mirip2 ma nama ruangan di ni upizh yak […]

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an Idol ,,

  everyone could be an idol … and everyone have right to make someone become her/his idol.   Looking for lately that many asia’s concert … whereabout they become an idol for thousand teens right now … . i just wondering … from what aspect that boy/girl band become an idol ?? … why singer […]

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pgp :: irt ,,

  if i get married and ummmghh having twins maybe ??? … i will resign from my current job and full become a house wife … preparing lunch for my family at early morning … go to the gym or saloon after that … cooking at afternoon … clean up and gatehering at the night … 🙂

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